Gallery N°24 : SLM 140 (C.F.E. period)

The Compagnie Impériale des Chemins de Fer Ethiopiens (C.I.E.) ordered four Type 140 locomotives, with separate tenders, from la Société Suisse de Construction de Locomotives et de Machines (SLM) of Winterthur, to pull freight trains. Two were delivered in 1902: No 21 "Rapide" (SLM 1469) and No 22 "Puissant" (SLM 1470) and the other two in 1903: No 23 "Fier" (SLM 1495) and No 24 "Généreux" (SLM 1496). This type of locomotive, with 2 compound cylinders, was then typical for hauling heavy traffic on mountainous lines. The distinctive characterisitic of the compound system is visible in the form of two cylinders of different diameters, the larger of the two is on the left when looking forward.

Because the majority of the new "Société Chemin de Fer Franco-Ethiopien" (C.F.E.) line from Djibouti to Addis Ababa was in French hands, it fell to that country to provide any new locomotives. Consequently in 1910/11, the "Société Alsacienne de Constructions Mécaniques" (SACM) would deliver eight identical locomotives, internally designated UG 181, (SACM 6165 to 6172) and numbered 25 to 33, built to an SLM design. SLM delivered another such locomotive (SLM 2437) in 1914.

In 1913 SACM produced nine locomotives of the UG 190 type, designated 121 to 129. They evolved from the earlier design of two cylinders and simple expansion with superheating, and had similar looks (SACM 6551 to 6559). They differed from Series 21 to 33 having a slightly bigger boiler, differently shaped domes and cylinders that were both symetrical and identical.

In 1931 six similar units were received. They were more powerful, with a Belpaire protruding firebox. They were numbered 131 to 136 (SACM 7572 to 7577 with the internal designation UG 185) and were followed in 1937 by three more units, Nos 137 to 139 (SACM 7723 to 7725). With twelve more locomotives numbered 140 to 151 delivered in 1938 (SACM 7729 to 7740) this Series of 21 units would constitute the greatest type of locomotives in the CFE stock.

In 1927 six locomotives, the first of an even heavier and more powerful type, were delivered. These locomotives, numbered 401 to 406 (SACM 7451 to 7456, internal designation UG 174), could be recognised from a distance by their perfectly rounded domes and wide boiler. Four more followed in 1929 (SACM 7541 to 7544) and a further three in 1937 (SACM 7726 to 7728). The latter, sandwiched in the production of the Series CFE 137 to 151, gave some trouble related to an uneven axel load. Not satisfied, the CFE asked Winthertur to supply six more locomotives. These identical units, numbered 414 to 419 (SLM 3647 to 3652), were delivered in 1938 without tenders, that were to be taken from out of service CFE locomotives.

After 1946 the locomotives Nos 151 and 401 to 413, were converted to oil fired locomotives, like the American "Mac Arthur" ones. These would disappear in 1965 marking the end of steam traction