Gallery N°8 : Djibouti station (C.F.E. period)

Gallery N°9 : Djibouti station (C.D.E. period)

The buildings and technical holdings of the company were situated on the plateau of the serpent.

Completed in 1900, Djibouti Station was composed of two buildings surrounding a central one. On the first floor of the central building were the apartments of the Manager of the CFE, and the Station Master. Around it were the administrative buildings.

The building of the workshops for the repair of the cars and the locomotives' garage was completed. A turntable was installed to allow the turning of locomotives. An ash pit was opened next to the coal yard.

With the arrival of diesel engines, the turntable was obsolete. It was dismantled and a Y-switch was put into position. It made way for the construction of new triage (marshalling) yards.

The Djibouti Station had:

- A terminal Branch and marshalling yards with private sidings designed to serve the port and warehouses.
- Workshops for routine maintenance of locomotives and rolling stock.
- A Supply warehouse
- An infirmary for all Company workers and their families.
- A sports and cultural Club.